About Us
Meet Big D's Instructor/Handler Sandra
My passion of dogs came at an early age.  My family always seemed to have a small house dog and I
loved teaching them tricks.  As a young adult an American Eskimo named Dixie started my passion for
the competition events.  I started with Agility, then moved to Obedience and Rally and finally
Conformation.  I have competed in many different venues like AKC, NADAC, USDAA, UKC,
International, and have shown in Canada also.  I have had several Certified Therapy dogs where we
visited at hospitals and Nursing homes.   My passion then turned into my Business (handling and
training dogs) when I met my Husband Cooper.  I now get to share what I love with my best friend.  
How lucky am I!

I am certified in Dog First Aid through the American Red Cross and have completed the Pet Care
Technician Program through the American Boarding Kennels Association.  I am a groomer by trade
(2001-present) and worked at a DoggyDaycare/Training/Grooming/Boarding facility where we had up to
45 dogs a day in our Day Care program.  I worked as a PT receptionist at a local vet clinic and for an
Animal Cremation Facility.   I have been Breeding and competing with AKC quality Bulldogs since 2004
as Bodanna Bulldogs.  
Meet Big D's Owner/Instructor/ Cooper Ph.D
My dog life began when I was a young boy watching our friend Officer Banum and his
police dog.  With the encouragement of my parents and my Mother being proactive
arranged a mentor Vet Assistant Program with Dr. William Dudley of Brooklyn Hospital.  I
worked there for 20 years as a Vet Tech and Assistant.  My Mother's goal was that I would
attend Vet School.  My goal was to train dogs.  Sometime during the third grade my sister
Phyllis convinced my Father to allow me to have a dog.  Dad said if I were to keep the dog I
would have to train it.  This began my education with the question of what is dog training?  I
rode my bike to the library and asked the Librarian what books were on dog training.  I only
found 4 books- Companion Dogs, Training Gun Dogs to Retrieve, Dog Train by Amateurs,
and The Farmers Dog.  Well, Dad said I have to train my dog.   I was under the thought that
my Munic'a a Fox Terrier would have to do all of what I found in these books.  After walking
down the block training my dog a few neighbors  began asking if I would walk their dogs.  
This is where my first "dog" business started.  Then became my Pet Food delivery service.  
Munic'a went on to win a number of pet fairs and my third grade science project.  High
School became more and more dog training.  It helped me pay my way through college.  My
goal was to be the most knowledgeable trainer in the world.  I looked for recognized dog
training schools only to find ONE recognized by every source.  USAF Canine Academy
where I achieved the honor of distinguished honor graduate for duty and performance.  
The only handler to receive the honor in the 100 year history of the program.
My training has included apprentice under Richard Walter, Dale Dumire, and St. Paul Dog
Training to give a short list.  Being asked to show a German Shorthaired for a family friend
began the show Career with a BIS!!!  My father and I never even knew what had happened
as I look back on that as we were too new.  I also received the honor of being the Dean of
students of the Cutting Edge Pet Grooming School ().  My career was in place... Pet food
store, group dog training, and grooming.  Dog Training and Education has been a joy.  The
list of what we do or have done is extensive.  From showing some of the first then rare
breeds in AKC (Redbone Coonhound, Spinone, Neapolitan Mastiff, Cane Corso, and
Miniature American Shepherd)  The goal today is to teach if forward.  Join us in working
with the worlds best dogs!