-Group Handling Clinics or Classes-
We work with individuals in private lessons or group clinic. The training provides help for the handler to
understand how to better present their dog and to make their dogs stand out as one of the best.
-Litter Evaluation-
Often a breeder wants a non bias professional evaluation based on the standard. We provide a summary of each
puppies pros and cons which are the determining factors of being a future show dog.
We work with breeders and owners to reach their dog show goals of Best In Show as well as New Champions
and Grand Champions to the number 1. Conformation includes dog standard evaluation which is what is known
as the dog show.
-Canine Good Citizen-
As AKC Approved CGC evaluators we have the joy of working with people in developing their well mannered 4
legged household citizen. We follow the AKC requirements of qualifications for CGC title.
-Puppy Buyer Referrals-
We help people place their puppies in their forever homes. We offer litter marketing space to breeders for a
nominal fee.
-Dog Aggression Evaluation-
Aggression dogs do not have simple solutions. We work with owners to find a solution that lets their household
maintain a safe environment.
-Private lessons-
Via appointment we work with our clients to address their dog training needs. After review we can provide long
term solutions. This Varies from Puppy to Aggression and everything in between.
-Service Dog Evaluation-
We work with private clients to provide dogs for their therapy needs (Hearing Ear, Helping Paws, and Therapy)
We also evaluate dogs to ensure their correct temperament for this type of work.  
-CGC prep-
We work with owners to train their dogs to meet the requirement to successful achieve their AKC CGC title.
-Tricks Class-
What some times are seen as tricks can be a valuable working relationship. By having this relationship a
owner can show off their dogs efforts with their friends and family. We teach trick class or work shops.
Call and schedule yours today.
-Basic Obedience-
Teaching a dog a useful language is the key to have a happy household. With us helping you teach your dog
basic obedience you have taught your dog how to work WITH you. A dog working with its owner or handler
provides day to day joy. This is what is attained with us at Big D's.
-Puppy Kindergarten-
Puppy kindergarten is one of the training building blocks necessary to teach a young dog how to receive
needed information from their human counter  parts. We help dog groups with class development and
-Canine First Aid Clinic-
We teach people how to look, listen, and feel to understand care for the canine companion. We teach Canine
First Aid via schedule clinics or work shops. Call and schedule yours today.
We teach people show and personal grooming via private lesson or grooming clinic's.
Schedule your clinic today.
-Junior Handler Judge-
Cooper is a AKC, CKC, and IABCA Junior handler judge available for new assignments.
Big D's offer Canine seminars with a multitude of topics: The Canine as a Business, First Aid, Standards,
Grooming, Aggression, Handling, Carting, Tricks, Nutrition, Fielding Training, Whoa Training, Action Dog,
Service Dogs, Problem Solutions, and Canine Genealogy.